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Clipdrop AI

Clipdrop AI provides a game-changing ecosystem of apps, plugins and resources designed to help creators effortlessly craft stunning visuals. No matter if you are an e-commerce store owner, graphic designer, social media influencer or influencer themselves; Clipdrop AI gives them everything they need to elevate their visuals and boost engagement!

Cleanup: Gain incredible accuracy when extracting objects, defects, text and people from images with the image cleanup feature. Scale and denoise in seconds!

How Does Clipdrop AI Work?

Clipdrop AI is an AI-powered set of tools for creating and editing visual content, such as creating eye-catching images quickly by eliminating unwanted elements, relighting photos, enlarging them and more.

Background remover tools provide instant isolation of subjects for product photos, portrait photography or any other purpose that necessitates isolated assets. They offer high-resolution results while preserving fine details.

Image Upscaler Another useful feature, can upscale images without degrading quality and save both time and effort by making sure that they always look their best.

The Reimagine tool powered by Stable Diffusion model SDXL lets you transform existing images into new and captivating visuals, by allowing you to combine disparate elements into cohesive compositions or superimpose captivating scenes on new backdrops. Take your creative visions to new levels!

Key Features and Benefits

Clipdrop AI provides designers, marketers and content creators with a tool to boost their visual assets. Suitable for beginners as well as professionals alike, its AI features enable users to easily clean up images, increase resolutions and swap backgrounds; additionally it can even transform doodles and sketches into real images!

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Cleanup tool of the platform utilizes proprietary inpainting technology to remove objects, people, text and defects from photographs. It can upscale images by 2x or 4x while simultaneously removing noise and improving image quality. Other tools include Relight which adds beautiful lighting effects and Background Removal which teleports any subject into any background location or situation.

The platform allows designers to personalize their visuals by changing colors, sizes and shapes of objects. This enables them to craft unique content that speaks directly to their audience while saving time by eliminating manual cropping/editing of images.

Problem Solution

Generative AI is revolutionizing how visual content is produced and utilized. Offering time-saving and high-quality results, generative AI helps businesses streamline workflows related to image editing, design and other related services.

Clipdrop AI provides an inclusive set of generative AI functions in one comprehensive platform, eliminating the need to subscribe to multiple services. Furthermore, its user interface is intuitive and straightforward so anyone with minimal technical expertise can use this tool effortlessly.

Relight allows users to adjust the lighting in an image by adding or subtracting shadows and highlights as needed, creating dramatic effects and improving its aesthetics. It allows creators to reimagine content by moving subjects into new conceptual settings without complex compositing. Furthermore it expands images revealing more details and creating an immersive experience.

Target Audience

Clipdrop AI is an image processing tool designed to streamline visual creation and editing processes. This app helps designers, photographers, e-commerce businesses and other creative professionals quickly produce stunning visuals for presentations or portfolios.

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The tool provides a range of image processing features, such as Stable Diffusion XL for creating high-resolution realistic images from text prompts; Uncrop for expanding existing photos; Text to Image for turning text into an appealing picture; Cleanup Pictures HD, Relight HD and Image Upscaler X2 & X4. Plus there’s Cleanup Pictures HD, Relight HD and Image Upscaler X2 & X4.

This tool comes in both free and paid versions; the former provides users with 400 watermarked images per day while still granting access to many tools; its Pro version begins at $9/month and adds unlimited background removal, image upscaler and text to image capabilities.

User Reviews and Feedback

Clipdrop AI helps designers streamline their workflow, making it simple to extract real-world elements and incorporate them into digital projects. The platform provides tools for cleaning up, removing backgrounds, replacing skies and upscaling images – plus its Adobe integration makes this tool work more efficiently than ever.

“Stable Diffusion XL,” the uncropping feature on this platform, has been described as being both “imaginative and accurate to text prompt.” This makes it an ideal option for creatives seeking to expand their image beyond its initial boundaries.

Users can utilize the platform to quickly design logos in seconds by taking advantage of Stable Diffusion’s ability to recognize patterns and textures within images for professional-grade designs. It’s Relight tool offers more flexibility for controlling lighting conditions for enhancing visuals or creating unique ambiances; and the Stable Doodle tool transforms hand-drawn sketches into dynamic images.


Clipdrop AI allows users to unleash their creativity quickly and produce impressive results in mere seconds. Used by millions worldwide, its top-tier image editing platform is available both for iOS and Android devices.

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Image processing tools offered include background removal, upscaling and relighting. In addition, objects, text and defects from images can be removed automatically while it can transform doodles into real images as well as create high-resolution realistic ones.

This tool is user-friendly, requiring no prior image retouching knowledge to use effectively. Furthermore, there are multiple pricing plans to meet various user needs and budgets – from free plans that have limited image processing capacity but include watermarks to higher resolution processing bypassing queue.