Lookism Season 2 – What We Know So Far

Lookism Season 2

Lookism is a beloved Korean anime series which tells the tale of a high school student bullied for being physically beautiful who awakens one morning with extraordinary talent and beauty. Based on an ongoing webtoon that has amassed an extensive fan base.

Studio Mir, the animation company that developed this hit series, has teamed up with Netflix in hopes of producing another season.

Renewal Status

Since its debut, Lookism has quickly grown in popularity as soon as it is launched on OTT platform Netflix, gaining new viewers each day. It has received praise from both fans and critics for its brilliant writing, realistic characters, engaging plot, humorous elements and overall fun aesthetic. Certainly one of the most interesting and enjoyable anime released this year!

This show tackles serious topics such as bullying and body shaming while remaining lighthearted, with its delightful characters and captivating story. Anyone looking for something fresh and engaging should definitely watch this series!

Though there’s been no official confirmation from Netflix yet, it seems highly likely they will renew the show for another season. After all, its first season only adapted 27 chapters of original manga material, leaving plenty of space for expansion in another installment.

Studio Mir is widely known for producing hit anime series such as Voltron: Legendary Defender, Kipo and The Age of Wonderbeasts – so their involvement here shouldn’t come as any surprise.

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Lookism season 2 release date

Lookism only covered 27 chapters from its source manga, leaving plenty of material yet to cover in season 2. With over 400 chapters to draw from and explore in season 2, Lookism should return for another season with all new story arcs to discover!

Not yet certain whether Netflix will revive Lookism, but the animated comedy boasts an enthusiastic fan base. Both its animation and storyline have captured viewer imagination – suggesting a second season might soon follow for viewers of Lookism.

If they renew the show, the first episode of Season 2 could debut sometime around 2024. Since Studio Mir doesn’t have an extensive backlog of anime projects to produce, they can get work underway as soon as Netflix gives their approval.

So it is possible that the series will make its return by spring of 2024.

Potential Cast

Lookism’s first season has found immense popularity thanks to its engaging characters and captivating narrative. Exploring sensitive topics such as body shaming and self-acceptance, Lookism has proven particularly well received among young adults – becoming one of Netflix’s most talked-about anime releases and creating anticipation among its fan base for potential sequels.

Lookism Season 2 will likely feature its original cast, including Shim Kyuk as Daniel Park, Han Shin as Park Hyung Seok’s mother, Ryu Seung-gone as Vasco and Jay Hong as Ji-ho. Each actor brought their characters vividly to life onscreen; all are expected to continue in future installments of Lookism.

However, there has been no official confirmation from the production team yet. While demand for the sequel is high, various factors must first be taken into consideration before production can commence. As the webcomic which inspired this drama adaptation continues to release new chapters, offering an ongoing narrative thread, this may entice them into considering producing another season.

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As the original series production studio is still active, producers may take advantage of it in the future. Thus, it is essential that viewers watch only official platforms when watching these series to support creators and ensure their sustainability.

What Is Lookism All About?

Lookism follows a short, overweight boy who experiences bullying for his appearance. But his life changes dramatically when he learns he can switch between an ugly body and an attractive one – an ability he comes to embrace after discovering this secret power. The show quickly gained popularity for its themes of self-acceptance and body shaming; quickly becoming popular among young adults as well. Furthermore, the anime version received outstanding reviews for its realistic adaption and attractive animation style, earning its creators great reviews among Korean viewers waiting eagerly for details regarding any possible Season 2. There has been no official confirmation of the release date of this potential sequel.

Production Studio

Lookism is an anime must-watch with its heartwarming plotline and touching characters, not only captivating viewers but leaving them wanting more! Not merely another slice-of-life or romance anime series, Lookism covers heavy topics such as bullying and prejudice yet remains lighthearted enough for daily viewing pleasure.

Given that the original webtoon contains over 400 chapters, a second season of anime could explore new story arcs and characters. Furthermore, its source material provides plenty of opportunity for further exploring themes like body-switching and self-acceptance.

The first season of Studio Mir’s anime adaptation of 27 chapters from the original webtoon ran for 8 episodes and garnered such positive feedback from viewers that they expect to resume production for additional episodes in a subsequent sequel season.

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Unfortunately, neither the animation studio nor Netflix have confirmed a specific release date for the sequel; still, fans are eagerly awaiting its arrival.

Lookism stands out this winter with its captivating animation and catchy opening K-pop song, making it one of the must-watch anime shows. It offers an ideal blend of lighthearted everyday moments, emotional drama due to misunderstandings or betrayals and action-packed street fighting scenes; furthermore, its character designs add an additional charming dimension.

Where To Watch Lookism Season 2?

Netflix is currently streaming the first season of the original Korean net anime Lookism, which is based on the popular webtoon of the same name by Park Tae-Joon. Featuring a premise that’s unique to this genre, the show is based on the story of a man who experiences constant bullying for his weight and appearance, until his appearance changes in the course of the series.

Lookism Season 2: Trailer