The Tragic accident of Pro Rider 1000

pro rider 1000

Agastya Chauhan, better known by his YouTube handle Pro Rider 1000, recently passed away, leaving many around the globe shaken up and emphasizing the importance of adhering to road safety rules when racing bikes at high speeds. His death underscored this point.

He was riding his Kawasaki bike at high speed when it collided with a divider on Yamuna Expressway and caused such an impactful crash that it fractured his helmet.

Let’s know about Pro Rider 1000 lifestyle

Agastya Chauhan, commonly known online as Pro Rider 1000, lived a life full of excitement and adventure. His love of biking was what set him apart; as was his ability to inspire others through his work. Additionally, Agastya was an outstanding biker capable of handling speed with precision.

Tragically, his death was due to an unfortunate bike accident on a Kawasaki motorcycle traveling at an estimated speed of 300kmph when he hit a divider and lost control. His helmet shattered upon impact with said divider and he perished instantly on impact.

His sudden death came as a great shock to both his fans and the community as a whole. He had amassed an extensive following across India and surrounding nations through YouTube channels that allowed him to reach people whom may not have known about him before.

Though his accident was tragic, Agastya was an outstandingly caring individual. His strong will and desire to challenge himself on the bike can be seen through videos he created; many young racers took inspiration from him despite its inherent risks; his legacy will live on for many.

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Work, passion and skills of pro rider 1000

Agastya Chauhan was an exceptionally passionate young biker  who shared videos from his rides and adventures via YouTube to his fans – not only were these entertaining, but they helped viewers understand all aspects of riding a bike more fully.

He was well-recognized in the biking community, and his death sent shockwaves through social media. Fans have mourned and paid their respects on various platforms; at the same time, more individuals than before are learning of Agastya’s contributions to biking culture through this tragic event.

On Wednesday morning near Mile 47 of the Yamuna Expressway in Aligarh’s Tappal area, Agastya lost control and collided with a divider, suffering a fatal head injury as his helmet broke in impact resulting in his untimely demise.

Respect for Privacy 

Parents of Agastya, still reeling from his death in such an unspeakably violent way, have requested their privacy be respected as they deal with this traumatizing event. Police currently conducting their investigation of what caused Agastya to lose control of his bike; and it remains unknown what led him into traffic and caused this tragedy. All drivers should take extra caution while driving.

Tragic accident happened

Agastya Chauhan was an accomplished Dehradun native and widely followed YouTuber who amassed an audience of more than 1.2 million subscribers on his channel dedicated to biking, with videos posted of him racing, performing tricks and embarking on epic adventures – inspiring many with fearlessness to pursue their own passions and follow their own dreams. His channel garnered millions of views annually.

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His dream was cut short when a tragic accident on Yamuna Expressway killed him instantly from severe head injuries sustained as he attempted to reach top speeds of 300kmph on his motorcycle. Reports indicate he lost control and collided with a highway divider; upon impact, so severe was its force that it broke his helmet, leaving him incapacitated for life.

At around 47-km on the highway near Thana Tappal, an incident took place. Police quickly responded and sent his body for postmortem at Kailash Hospital in Jewar, Greater Noida.

Read More about the legend

Agastya Chauhan, commonly referred to by his YouTube username Pro Rider 1000, was an immensely beloved 22-year-old within the biking community. A passionate cyclist himself, Agastya regularly challenged himself and set new records and goals for himself as he set sail across America on his motorcycles.

His passion for motorcycle riding could be seen through his videos, where he showcased his abilities and daring adventures. His channel had over 1.26 million subscribers; nine days before his untimely demise he uploaded one showing an attempt at riding at 300 km/h speed on his bike.

Agastya Chauhan was tragically killed in a road accident on the Yamuna Expressway near Tappal, Aligarh district, India near mile 47 of the highway near Tappal near Aligarh district near Agra when his motorcycle hit a road divider at an alarmingly high speed and collided into it at high velocity, shattering his helmet and inflicting fatal injuries despite emergency services arriving on scene – however he was declared deceased at once upon their arrival.

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Prior to his death, Agastya had been charged under various sections of the Indian Penal Code and Motor Vehicle Act for performing risky stunts on Dehradun roads. After hearing of his passing away, Aligarh Police have issued an appeal for motorists to drive responsibly and refrain from over speeding.