What is a Blue Smurf Cat Meme and Where Did It Come From?

Blue Smurf Cat Meme


TikTok is a social media app that produces viral trends like flying termites that appear in huge numbers and eventually die off. Similarly, blue smurf cat meme tiktok has been going on for a while now, but it’s starting to get sickeningly popular.

A blue smurf cat has become a popular trend on TikTok, YouTube and Instagram. It’s even making its way into games like Roblox and Minecraft. Shailushai, an iconic blue cat meme created in 2014 by artist Nate Hallinan is taking TikTok by storm.

What is a Smurf Cat Meme?

TikTok has become one of the most beloved social media platforms, famed for generating hilarious memes and trends. One such meme involving a blue smurf cat has taken the internet by storm, raising questions such as its source. So what exactly is a “Smurf Cat Meme?”

The blue smurf cat, more commonly referred to as Shailushai, is an unexpected creature which looks like a mix between a Smurf and cat. Since 2014 when Nate Hallinan first imagined this idea of what Smurfs might look like as cats. Their popularity quickly spread on TikTok where millions of views and comments have been collected since their creation by Nate himself in 2014.

Since its debut, tiktok has quickly become a global phenomenon, serving a multitude of purposes ranging from mocking celebrities to expressing disinterest or frustration; even used to call attention to injustices or spread political messages.

The blue smurf cat is an example of a weirdcore meme, featuring bizarre and surreal images. It has also been compared to Azrael – who depicted as an angel of death with long wand and feathered wings – whom some consider cruel insensitive and targeted innocent people with his long wand and feathered wings.

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Are You an Internet or TikTok User? Have You Seen the Smurf Cat Meme? – Well, chances are high that you have seen the viral blue smurf cat meme that has become such a hit since its introduction online? Featuring elements of cats, smurfs and mushrooms combined into one weird creature has quickly taken over social media as an internet trend – but where does it originate from?

The Blue Smurf Cat Meme is part of a larger trend known as “weirdcore,” an artistic genre with unusual and animated images. This particular meme has taken off on TikTok as an emotional outlet and way to foster community spirit, as well as demonstrate memes’ capacity to spread ideas and encourage creativeness.

As a result of its immense popularity, the Blue Smurf Cat meme has spread across various platforms like YouTube, Instagram and X. Furthermore, it has inspired creative interpretations and remixes, demonstrating its endless potential.

Even though many are tired of seeing this bizarre creature all over their feeds, TikTok’s notorious virality makes it unlikely for this trend to end anytime soon. Don’t worry though – like other viral trends before it, the Blue Smurf Cat Meme will eventually fade away as its popularity diminishes.


No matter your opinion on it, the viral blue cat meme has taken over TikTok like no other trend can. From music videos and reaction images, to football pitches and Minecraft video game events – the blue cat has taken hold and will likely go its own way soon enough, just like any other trend or meme before it. But as with all trends, this one too shall pass just like any other.

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Nate Hallinan, a Senior Finisher and Concept Artist from CG5 in Portland, Oregon created the cat meme in 2014 as an imaginative interpretation of what Smurfs might look like in real life settings. After sharing it on Instagram and TikTok users started using it with music by Alan Walker’s song The Spectre as video backdrops.

TikTok was home to the cat Smurf trend and it quickly spread across other social media platforms including YouTube, Instagram and Twitter. Additionally, this meme became part of popular culture – from slideshows and concerts by Alan Walker, to being included as a meme within slideshows themselves! While some found the meme to be boring or repetitive after an extended period of time; others still find it creative and humorous; serving as a great reminder that memes can provide us with an avenue of expression while connecting us to other individuals and creating connections through communication.

Popularity and Cultural Impact

​The popularity of this blue smurf cat meme tiktok is rooted in its viral nature, as many of these pictures have been shared multiple times in the past. This phenomenon is also a result of the homogeneous nature of the online communities such as 4chan and Reddit, where people share pictures of cats, thereby creating these viral images. In fact, cat pictures have been four times more viral than dog pictures since 2011 (Cheezburger, 2014). One such example was the Greenpeace campaign, Cats Save Tigers.


TikTok has become increasingly famous for creating viral trends, and now features a blue smurf cat meme which is quickly taking over social media feeds worldwide. But what exactly is its meaning and where did it originate from?

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The blue Smurf Cat was originally imagined as an imaginary character to represent what Smurfs might look like if they were real and has since gone viral, with millions sharing it online and creating memes that include one with an image featuring a mushroom-hatted Smurf-like creature wearing one. Additionally, TikTok slideshows often use it alongside Alan Walker’s song ‘The Spectre’.

As such, the blue smurf cat meme has become an inexorable presence on social media, likely popping up more and more often. While memes may be used for various purposes and should never be taken too seriously; their existence tends to be short-lived before eventually dissipating.